Bratty Bunny - Virgin Chastity Slave Training

I tell you to smoke w e e d and take addy to start this clip.You're going to be in a hyper focused state for me. You love to be submissive to me. You love to be under my control. You love to serve me, so let's try a few things today. You're going to get into chastity and smell my socks (available for purchase - message me to buy). I'm going to humiliate you for being such a pathetic VIRGIN. You've eaten your cum for me before and wow, if any woman knew that about you? They would never date you. It's one of the reasons why you're a fucking virgin who has never had a girlfriend. You can't even get it up if you tried to have sex. You're going to stay in chastity for me. Send me the keys, pay the key holding fee. You have to tribute $200 a week from now on. And you only get your first release when you buy me a very expensive pair of designer shoes of my choice. This all seems very fair. You need to be put in your place beneath me and this is the correct path for you.

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Bratty Bunny - Virgin Chastity Slave Training 10% more days with any membership
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