Miss Alika White - Chastity Cage Cuck

If your cock isn’t locked up, watch my “Chastity Challenge” clip.

If you are locked, this is your next clip. While you’re squirming in your cage, I’m going on a date and I’m going to tell you how I expect it will go. What do you think he’ll think of my ass in this dress? If things go right, he’ll getting a lot closer to it soon. Unlike you who will extremely sexually frustrated and unable to even touch your own cock.

Do you think my date will be wearing a cock cage? Not a chance. He’s got what it takes to get with a woman. He can get off just by getting with a woman. It’s not so easy for you, even when you’re not locked up. You’re an inferior little bitch that has no other way of being involved in a woman’s life other than letting her take whatever she wants.

I want to make you squirm over what you’re missing out on and that’s what this clip is all about.

MP4 * 268 MB * 00:09:45 * 1920x1080

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