Miss Jyssica - Lick His Boots Clean While We Fuck

Guess what cuckold - another real man is taking your girlfriend out on a date tonight! You get the humiliation of watching me spend hours making myself looking perfect for him, helping me choose a slutty dress to wear for him, help me slip into my favourite lingerie set and then driving me to whatever classy restaurant or bar he gets to take me to tonight. The usual cuckold experience you've had to get used to right cucky? Tonight is gonna be a little different though because the guy I'm dating tonight knows I have a beta wimp boyfriend and he's totally up for helping me humiliate the fuck out of you. So while we're out on our date tonight you should expect to receive taunting video messages from BOTH of us! Selfies of him with his hands all over your girlfriend, videos of me putting my hand down his pants to sample his huge alpha cock. Voice messages from HIM telling you exactly what he plans to do to your girl when he gets her back to your bedroom. It's so much fun teasing you with all the details of my cheating nights out with other men, but it's gonna be so much better when your rival is actually putting you in your place right with me! And it's gonna be even better when we get back home and humiliate you for real! He wants you licking his boots while he's fucking me and I love the idea! My weakling boyfriend kneeling at the foot of the bed with his tongue licking the dirt from the boots of the guy who's fucking your little princess. How fucking pathetic! I'm gonna love watching him totally fucking humiliate you!

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