Goddess Ivy Grey - Birthday Bunny Tricks You

I invite you to my birthday party this year and after a bit of mingling I pull you into another room for some catching up. We haven’t seen each other in years. You are enthralled with my gorgeousness and you quickly forget just how dangerous pretty girls can be. It is Halloween but no trick or treaters bother us tonight, instead I play a little trick on you. I snap the consciousness out of you and turn you from my friend into my enslaved pet paypiggy. One whiff of my entrancing powers and you get woozy. You couldn’t be weaker for me. You didn’t come to my party thinking you were going to leave as my paypig but you can’t do anything to stop it. My finger snaps and my triggers melt you into a helpless puddle.

MP4 * 2.07 GB * 00:12:06 * 3840x2160

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