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Get ready to be blown away! Bianca never ceases to amaze us. Check out this latest clip that she filmed exclusively for us. It starts with some of the most impressive and sexiest pole dancing, showing off her amazing muscles. Her strength and control is beyond words and you can only imagine the type of damage that she can do with those legs. Watch as she gracefully transitions from a sexy dance to scissor mayhem. She pulls his neck in between her thighs and constricts it all while still hanging onto the pole. It's simply amazing! This is just the first half of the video. Next, we step into her massage room where she places him on her table. She seduces him and rides his neck with her crotch and then sticks him in a extremely tight front headscissor. Her leg muscles explode and are so defined. What comes next will remind you why Bianca is one of the best. She turns around and sticks him in a very sexy and tight reverse headscissor. She also mixes in a bit of facesitting and more sensual teasing whenever she pleases. This video shocked the hell out of us and we're sure you'll feel the same. Do you think you can handle this kind of brutality? Bianca is waiting.


Let's just start by saying Bianca is freaking awesome! She emailed us a couple of weeks ago and told us that she has this video where she just punishes her client with her reverse and asked us if we wanted to feature it on S c i s s o r F o x e s. We were like "HELL YEAH WE DO!" So she sends it to us and we were blown away! It's so extreme and so hot but it's only 3 minutes long and our videos are typically at least 10 minutes. So we emailed Bianca back and asked her if she can make a continuation so that the video matches our other ones. The very next day, she sends us a video and once again, we were so impressed. She's rocking a different outfit, adds 2 more locations for a total of 3 and uses a different victim, which is pushed beyond his limits from her reverse headscissors. We were speechless. Bianca knows exactly what we and our fans are looking for. Watch just how terrified he is! Bianca has him screaming and tapping like a mad man as she applies full pressure in each scissor hold. You can tell that she loves every second of it. Bianca is a true Scissor Machine with one of the most lethal reverse headscissors out there! We highly recommend this video and that you book your session now!


You're about to witness the most fear and panic we've ever had from any male victim on our site. Leave it to Bianca to push the boundaries and give us something special again. We were shocked by what this man endured. Even when he's flopping around like a fish, slapping her thighs frantically and yelling like a mad man, Bianca keeps him locked in her Italian Vise Grip and makes him scream even louder. You can actually sense his relief when she finally lets him go. We couldn't even begin to imagine what he went through or if he'll ever recover from this. I guess Bianca really wanted the audience to feel her power in this Pressure Gauge and really demonstrate what she's capable of. It's also obvious that her favorite scissorhold is the reverse as she goes back to it a few times. It certainly gets the most reaction. The way her glutes constrict when her ankles and legs are locked, it's amazing that he even survived. After watching this, you'd be completely crazy to ask Bianca to apply 100% of her scissor power. She is built to destroy men like you and eager to do it. Are you ready?


Ever since we first featured Bianca on our site, we knew she was going to be a big hit and we couldn't wait to meet her in person. She is an amazing woman with incredible energy. Needless to say, her reputation for having some of the strongest scissors in the business is an understatement. The first video we shot with her had Jay pinching her leg repeatedly which is kind of our "safe word". When Bianca clamped on, he couldn't last a second which says a lot considering all of the women he's been scissored by. Her legs are that freaking strong! When we went to shoot this video afterwards, Jay was so terrified of being tied up and having to go through that again that he pleaded with her. Luckily, Bianca toned it down just enough so Jay wouldn't quit on her. After all, we needed to get this done. Prisoner of War is known to be quite extreme and has had so many hits since we first introduced it with Scar. Bianca does a fantastic job at balancing hardcore panic, skills & sensuality. She's a total scissor expert! He's so lucky that she didn't go full out because he barely survived this. Bianca also leaves this open for a continuation. Who will step in next and does Jay even get a break? Stay tuned to find out.


It's a beautiful day in the park by the water and Bianca is enjoying it by tanning her incredible sculpted body. All of sudden, she spots a man nearby and her primal urges take over. She transforms into a huntress ready to attack her prey like a lioness. Her body curls up and is ready to pounce. The male doesn't even know what he's in for. Bianca makes her move and before he realizes it, she has her legs wrapped around him, squeezing him mercilessly. She can't resist the satisfaction she gets when a man is helplessly trapped between her strong thighs. She gets turned on by it and the more he struggles, the harder Bianca squeezes and you definitely don't want her applying full pressure. This girl has an extensive athletic background including swimming, pole dancing, yoga, boxing, grappling, BJJ, cycling and of course weight training. She is built to crush and destroy men with her thighs. While holding him in a tight reverse headscissor, she notices a nearby fisherman watching them from afar. This just adds to her victim's humiliation, being scissored in the public eye but Bianca takes great joy from this and ramps up her game. This gives her ultimate pleasure! Bianca lets him go then skips along the river to enjoy the rest of her day completely satisfied. Must see!


Would you be brave enough to sign a Scissor Waiver with Bianca? She gets to tie you up and play with you any way that she wants and there's nothing you can do to stop it. After all, you signed the waiver. This guy enters a public gym and decides to test his luck. He has no clue what he's in for. Bianca locks the door behind him and makes him sign a waiver without properly reading it. She throws him to the floor and locks him between her strong thighs. If you've ever experienced her scissors or watched any of her videos, you know just how extremely dangerous her legs are. She's made countless men tap out within seconds. This guy has a thicker neck but that doesn't stop Bianca. She also ties up his legs and wrists together during this scissor mayhem, making it impossible for him to run away. He belongs to her now and she's going to have her way with him. After her fun is over, she slaps the dizzy and confused volunteer and then shows off her incredible leg muscles to the viewers. Who's ready to be next? We dare you.

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