Bratty Bunny - Smoked Into Chastity

You've been locked up for me and you've come to ask for your key back and buy a findom clip or chastity tax and get a release. But I have other plans. This clip plays Similar to my Smoke the weed clip, this starts out with some innocent smoking. Later to reveal this was laced with some mind-altering substance. You'll be paying close attention to my feet and toes. They seem to have a great effect on you. Inhale hard and exhale. Breathe deep that Smoke. I'll move you to a foot conditioning erotic mind control. We'll move deeper into some pussy panty tease and denial. Working my way through your mind and making it mush. You'll soon be begging to stay in chastity and want to still be controlled by me. To still pay your tax. If was your idea all along, right slave? A puppet for me, that you've always wanted to be. You're going to worship me all night in your cage. No release for you. Just another mind melting Goddess session.

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Bratty Bunny - Smoked Into Chastity Jerk off me

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