Goddess Madam Violet - ERUPTION

Probably My most powerful mesmerising and orgasmic MP4 to date. An expert intensive blend of layered voice tracks and visual effects, clinical techniques and of course My entrancing beauty, shiny red lips and red nails. Nearly 40 minutes of COMPLETE mental and sexual domination culminating in an EXPLOSIVE build up leading to an unstoppable ERUPTION of BLISS, pleasure and CUM. I will give you not just INTENSE ORGASM but a REAL change deep inside your pussy-mind. I will re-make you in the EXPLOSION of CUM. Re-born a new man. MY MAN.First I take you DEEP down inside your mind. Turning off your conscious mind and turning ON your submissive bitch of a mind you will experience the ECSTASY of surrender from the very first second. Then at just the right time I set off a small TRIGGER inside your pussy-mind...which then begins the countdown to a full body and mind ERUPTION.The tremors build, your sexual arousal grows larger and harder...the vibrations building the pleasure, building the pressure....and like with a volcano, when you ERUPT it will be PRIMAL, WILD, it will change the landscape of who you are forever. Pulling up out of you not just your CUM but all resistance, emptying your body and mind...The visual move faster...My tits, to My ass, to My RED LIPS, as the MOANING increases, the SNAPS overlapping, pure ELECTRICITY,  faster, deeper HARDER...more and MORE until finallly you release, you EXPLODE, violently ERUPT in CUM and surrender and pure submissive bliss.Then I wake you up, drained, exhausted... turned inside out...your pussy-mind fertile after the eruption...yearning for even more MADAM VIOLET.

MP4 * 331 MB * 00:38:43 * 1280x720

 Goddess Madam Violet - ERUPTION Jerk off me

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