Natasha's Bedroom - Impotence Programming

Are you stiff right now? This is your last erection. Look into my eyes. I’m about to dive into your mind and disable your dick. No more erections, no more boners, no more manly ejaculations. Soon you will be l i m p. Flaccid. Weak. Emasculated and impotent.

You reach your hand down, and you feel your dick soften. Erections are a sign of manhood. You feel yourself becoming limper and limper. Erections are for REAL COCKS. You shrivel and soften with each word I whisper. Do you want to get hard? You shake your head no. Erections are not for you, and you understand this truth now.
No more manly ejaculations. You won’t cum. You’ll rub, moan, and DRIP.

You’re so soft now that your penis is nearly retracting into your body. You’re so l i m p now that it can’t be called a penis at all. Every time you become aroused, you’ll stay l i m p, flaccid, and weak. When you see a beautiful woman, you’ll shrivel and soften helplessly, because I’ve disabled your dick.

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