Goddess Poison - POISONWISE The erotic dancing clown

Hey bitch boy, mmmm You taste so much better when your scared! So cum down here with Me little lost boy, I have whips and chains and a whole load of porn for you to pump to. Stroke and stare at Me, Poisonwise -the erotic dancing clown! Feel yourself starting to float for Me, trapped in My web of erotic manipulation. But be warned- the harder you pump, the higher you flat, the higher you float- the HARDER you fall! Spiralling deeper into the depths of your Poisoned pleasures. Losing your mind, your heart racing…. a real twist of temptation and fear to get that cock swelling and throbbing for Me! Halloween 2020- A time for you to take an extra strong dose of Poison and feel Me take over your weak soul!

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Jerk off me

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