Tsarina Baltic - P0ppers Addiction Loop For Brainless Gooning Jerk Drones

Tsarina Baltic’s mesmerizing voice has the perfect echo in this clip that will haunt your brain.
Get dumb for me. So fucking dumb. I want you to lose yourself sniffing. And am I here to help you with this addiction? Oh fuck no! I’m here to intensify your addiction and get you more fucked. Get dumber. Start sniffing. Stroke to me. Lose yourself in sniffing. You don’t need a brain. You need to get dumber. You need to get way more stupid. We like stupid and we like sniffing, don’t we?
Stroke dummy. Rid your head of that useless brain of yours and stroke and sniff. It’s just that easy. Fuck your brain up for me. Make it dumb. Make it stupid. Get stupid for tits and sniffing. Fuck your brain up. Stroke and sniff. Lose yourself in me. Stroke dummy. Now take another hit. That’s it. Commit yourself to just stroking, no more thinking required. Your brain is good for nothing anyway, all you need to do is to know how to pump your cock and binge on more clips, isn’t that right dummy?
Take another sniff. Sniff until you lose all sense of time. You don’t need time, only stroking for you. Pump your cock. Just think about my perfect tits. Just think about taking another hit. Get so fucking horny. Pump your cock. Fuck your brain. Pump for these tits. Take another hit. More. Now the other nostril. Now get back to stroking. That’s it. There’s the dummy I like. Be a good obedient hand pumping loser. Be dumb for tits, dumb for sniffers.
This makes your life worthwhile. Pump your cock. Take another hit. LOL. No cumming. Just stroking. Get dumber. Keep sniffing. Keep fucking your brain. Pump your cock, don’t stop. We love dumb brainless hand humpers, don’t we? Get weaker. Stare right into my eyes and cleavage and take another hit. Make it deep. Make it dumb. Your brain is in your cock. Nothing else but pumping. Keep edging and gooning, you’re a mindless little hand humper. Take another hit dummy. We like a mindless hand humping brainless jerk drone. Sniffers turn you so dumb, don’t they? And you like it.
Pump your cock. Sniff and stroke idiot. Who’s a dummy? You’re a dummy. You’re a big dummy for sniffers and tits. Now what do dummies do? Do you have enough brain cells to tell me that? They keep edging. They keep pumping their brains out for tits. Isn’t that right dummy? Take another hit, just like that. Stroke. More. Fuck air, sniff again. And if that doesn’t fuck your brain, do it again. Pump and sniff that’s how you get your brain all fucked. You love getting your brain fucked by tits and sniffers. Time to do it again. Lose yourself in this loop. Take another hit and replay, that’s what dumb brainless losers do.

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Tsarina Baltic - P0ppers Addiction Loop For Brainless Gooning Jerk Drones Jerk off me

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