Goddess Natalie - Buy this you complete idiot

Well...yeah, you totally are the kind of idiot that would waste his money away to see a hot girl laugh at him. You certainly are the kind of total moron who'd pay $100 for the privilege of being laughed at, pointed at, made fun of!

For the privilege of feeling dumb, idiot, moronic, stupid. You love that, don't you! You absolutely love a hot woman making fun of you! And not just hot girls, but also pretty-looking brats that bully you! You keep sending to them and spending, rel*psing for them!

Rel*psing for us! Because you can't possibly resist the sight of a beautiful, sexy woman, dressed up in PVC, looking her very best and laughing at you! Can you now? That's what I though! So enjoy me laughing on loop! Feel your cock twitch every time I giggle!

MP4 * 111 MB * 00:01:07 * 1904x1088

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