Goddess Natalie - Achieve Unending Goongasms Inside My Mindless Goon Trap

I have been carefully building my trap for a long time and you flew right into it. All it takes is a couple of the right words coming out of my mouth, a couple of triggers planted deep inside or your mind, and you're mine, you're trapped completely. It's so easy for a hot girl like me to trap you inside of this mindless gooning trap. My words are simply glued to your to your mind, the same way that your hand is glued to your cock and keeps on pumping.

I know you just came here to me looking for your next jerkoff session, you just wanted a hot clip to make you cum. But now you don't even want to cum any more. Now cumming is the last thing that's on your mind, because gooning feels so much better. You get so high when you goon and the pleasure you feel is so intense that you're trapped. Nothing will ever compare to that feeling. Do you know what it is that you experience every time you ride that edge for me over and over again? It's called a goongasm my weak puppet. An orgasm that never ends. And you love how that feels as you ride that edge and gooning over and over again until your mind goes blank and all you can feel is pleasure. And that intensity that you're experiencing right now is called a goongasm and nothing truly compares to a goongasm.

Having a regular orgasm isn't even half as good, is it my little pet? So goon for me. I want you mindlessly gooning for me because you know that with each and every edge that you reach, you become more mindless, more disconnected from reality. And that's the one kind of pleasure you truly desire. You've tried gooning before with other girls, but it didn't quite feel the same until you experienced a continuous goongasm with me. You love gooning for Goddess Natalie. Pump, pump, pump for me, ride that edge, and experience my mind blowing goongasm. You know that by gooning for me, you're worshiping me in the very best way possible. I know it feels so good right now stroking your cock and losing your mind. And by gooning for me, you become a better slave, a good boy for me.

And when you goon for me you're doing more than building up cum in those balls, that is a worship puddle in there now. It's not just cum, it's worship. And the more of that worship puddle you build in your balls, the more satisfied I'm going to be. And even if you happen to cum by accident, because I know you don't want to any more, at least you'll be able to make me a worship puddle and show your devotion to me. But you don't want to cum, you just want to goon endlessly. When you ride that edge for hours and hours, when you goon for me, you become more addicted. And I want you so addicted to gooning for me, I want you trapped inside of my goon trap.

With each day and each hour that you spend gooning to me, you push yourself even deeper into my trap. You melt even more of those brain cells for me and make it easier for me to invade your mind. Your mind is meant to be empty, my weak little puppet. Your mind is not supposed to be filled with thoughts, and the best way to make sure it's empty is to goon and melt your brain away. Liquify your brain for me, my gooning puppet. Make room in your mind for me to invade. Make room for your Goddess to take over and let your infatuation grow. You want me to take over your thoughts. You need me to think for you. So let me in deep into your mind so I can invade your brain and completely take over your thoughts.

My body and my words make you lose control, I make it so easy for your mind to melt away, all you have to do is goon and achieve goongasm. You can feel it as you ride the edge. You want to practice and learn to ride that edge for hours and become an experienced gooner for me who knows exactly when to stop because you're being entirely controlled by me right now like a puppet. Mindlessly controlled. I can control that hand and make it pump or move it away from your cock at just the right moment, so that you don't cum. Because regular orgasms, don't do it for you anymore, do they? A goongasm is what you crave and getting more trapped in my spell, caught in my gooner trap. You love this gooner trap. You spend all of your free time here. It's the thing that you look forward to the most in your boring existence. Because nothing compares to that kind of pleasure.

You want to spend the rest of your days here, gooning for me. Pumping for me like a good boy. Goon for me puppet. You don't want to do anything else but stroke for me. This is the kind of pleasure you want to experience over and over and over again. I know you don't want this to stop, do you my weak puppet? I know you want to keep on gooning. So I want you to loop this clip all night long and continue to train your brain to achieving goongasm over and over and over again.

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