Madam Violet - Covert Cum Conditioning

I want to read My book in peace, u want 2 get into My pants. As usual. you are horny and hard & all day youve been looking forward 2 fucking your SUPER hot girlfriend when you get home. When u see I’m wearing My glasses and doing My best to ignore your advances, you are even more DESPERATE for Me. Because unfortunately for you I’m not in the mood AT ALL, Ive had the day off and spent it wanking. 
The thought of that makes you determined to fuck Me right now, u keep staring at My legs, running your eyes up and down My body, pretty much licking your lips.For gods sake. Fine! Ill do a deal with you, we can have sex if you let me practice my hip no sis on you, you know u don’t think it works anyway. Just agree to listen, and do as I say – 2 take it seriously for Me, and then after we can fuck? Of course, you agree instantly.Naturally, I have no intention of fucking you, like I told you, Im not in the mood. But now youve disturbed Me with your SELFISH needs I AM in the mood to FUCK with your MIND. To PULL on your little puppet strings and watch u perform for Me. I AM in the mood to flex My substantial POWERS of persuasion, sexual SEDUCTION and powerful covert trance and programming. The way I see it, you want My pussy far more than I want your cock so FUCKING with your mind & VIOLATING your body is just an extension of the natural power I already have over u as your girlfriend. And I love to watch as you MELT before Me, as you eagerly AGREE 2 everything I say. I make everything seem like YOUR idea, I make everything I say seem like a really GOOD idea. So close to the edge for so long your fried brain cannot function, My words are in control of your body now, I have taken over, I have complete power over you, I KNOW will do whatever I sayWhen you think about it now, you cant really put your finger on exactly what happened. You remember Me talking, and smiling, u remember how HARD your cock was and how filled with DESIRE u were, and you definitely remember the sweet scent of My ass and pussy right in your face. You remember the feeling of letting go like u have never done before, and you can still taste this new desire, the overwhelming NEED to PLEASE me, to be My good boy.One minute youre agreeing 2 go into trance, the next you r fully aware that you are on the floor, pants around your ankles, covered in cum, shaking with pleasure. I look at you, over My glasses babes, it looks like your imagination has run away with you again, youve cum all over yourself! Well have sex tomorrow. Oh and youve got a little something, right there, in the corner of your mouthP.S I tried this out on My actual BF & it worked. He’s not even submissive. I am just THAT persuasive : )

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