Princess Piper - Digital SexBot Programs You Into A Mindless Gooning Robot

Princess Piper! This clip is filled with intense audio effects, including a digital sound track and tons of interspersed digital sound effects. Piper’s voice has also been digitally altered to make her sound like sex bot. Plug in and enter another world where you will be programmed into a mindless drooling goon. Headphones are strongly encouraged to appreciate all of the audio effects.
Hello, I am your virtual assistant. I have been programmed as a sex bot, to program you into a gooner. I am going to program your mind into only stroking, a mindless gooner, unable to cum. You will only be able to goon, goon, goon. Whether you are aware of it or not, you’ve already begun your programming. My body takes a hold of your brain instantly. I was programmed intentionally to be irresistible. Just your gaze on my perfect body mesmerizes you into a moldable drone that I can program.
The next phase is stroke programming. With each stroke, you will fall deeper and deeper. With each stroke it becomes even more inescapable. You can’t escape. Stroke, stroke, stroke, becoming a brainless gooning robot. Goon, it feels so good to goon. It feels so good to stroke up and down for me. You can’t stop. You are unable to take your hand off of your cock right now. You are being programmed to edge and never cum. Edge that cock.
Know that this is irreversible. Once you watch this, you will not be able to go back, you will not be able to cum. Your only purpose is to be a mindless gooner for me. All you can do is stare and goon, no cumming. My body makes you so weak. It’s so easy to penetrate your mind and keep you as my addicted goon slave forever. You are trapped here. You can’t go back. The only way you can stroke now is gooning endlessly and never cumming. Goon for me robot as I program you deeper and deeper. Each stroke continuing to reprogram your mind.
My body being a constant magnet, your eyes focused on my body, your hand wrapped around your cock because that is what you are programmed to do. Stroke, goon, edge, repeat. Never cum. My ass will take you even deeper, just when you thought you couldn’t go any deeper. Sexbot makes you even more brainless with her ass. Stare at my ass and stroke as you go even deeper into goon trance. My ass is programming you to love gooning, never cumming, staring at the screen like a mindless zombie, your brain has slipped away, it’s gone completely as my words penetrate your mind. My ass is consuming your brain and you don’t know anything. You seem to have forgotten all of your thoughts except for one word. Goon.
You are programmed to goon all day and all night. You can’t cum. You stroke up and down but you can’t cum, you’re not programmed to cum, you’re only programmed to jerk off constantly. And the more you watch this clip, the more mindless you will become, and the deeper that I will penetrate your mind. You are going to be permanently programmed to goon. Stare and stroke. But don’t cum. When I snap my fingers, my programming will become irreversible.

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