Mixtrix - Time Travel Orientation

Headphones are a must! This clip is a DEEP and MESMERIZING experience! Sound effects, voice effects, visual effects and deeply mesmerizing patterns abound in this immersive clip.

YOU have been selected for this Secret Orientation. You are taken DEEP so that the first seeds of time travel ability can be planted in your mind. You are being mesmerized by a shadowy authority. An agency known only as The Temporal Initiative selects very few for this secret time travel project. THIS video is one of their training modules. Mesmerization and masturbation encouragement are part of their technique. Only those who are addicted to masturbation and have a compliant, obedient nature may undergo this time travel experience. This is Stage One in your Time Travel journey: Orientation. In this orientation your body and brain become aligned for the Temporal Process. First The short safety film lets you know EDGING is not only expected, but it keeps you from experiencing any negative effects. So you must EDGE during the Orientation process. And you must follow instructions. The first one? Watch the images on screen and Masturbate...

This video is made to play on loop for extended sessions learning to travel through space via mesmerized edging with MY guidance. I am your guide for this Orientation session. When you are already very horny anyways is the PERFECT time to try this one. Also fantastic if you like to micro-doase. This video is a true EXPERIENCE. Use headphones and turn out all other lights, I want to see how deep I can make you go down this hole. If you spend HOURS doing this without even realizing it? You are learning. Time is changing for you already...

Sometimes as you watch the mesmerizing images you will also see sexy, faceless people fucking, my hot nude tits bouncing and other horny images. These very sexy images flash at intervals. They are interspersed as frequent horny reminders to enhance this sexual nature of the clip.  However the majority of what you see and hear induce mesmerization and the time travel. Watch the images on screen and masturbate. Watch the images on screen and masturbate. Watch the images onscreen and masturbate...

Voices whisper and instruct. Sound effects give this a very trippy, conceptual vibe.Special soundtrack makes for a movie like atmosphere. This one is HIGH CONCEPT. If you are a fan of one or more of these things then you will like this clip: science fiction, fantasy, gooning, edging fetish, immersive clips, mindfuck, mesmerize clips, artistic clips, mind control, propaganda, shadow agencies, time authority, goon loops, time travel, JOI, high concept, evil corporations, work safety tapes, training tapes, music videos, sound effects. Conceptuallly this has a dash of those things worked in if I listed it. This is a true EXPERIENCE and you can watch it like a movie. Be sure to play it on repeat mode and time travel for me tonight!

MP4 * 1.79 GB * 00:16:27 * 1920x1080

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