Goddess Blonde Kitty - PORNOGANDA

The Pornoganda Institute of Male Reconditioning is pleased to announce their latest rehabilitation course for mental re-programming. Your mind will be taken through a series of levels, whereby you will have your dependence on porn ingrained into even the deepest levels of your psyche. Viewers are advised to watch this in a dark room with headphones, in order for the training materials to fully penetrate even the most stubborn mental resistance. Participation is mandatory, and the Institute accepts no liability for side effects such as spontaneous orgasm, mental reconditioning, and pornographic obsession. These are simply signs that the training is working.

Long live this glorious Femocracy.

In Porn We Trust

This clip blends the boundaries between art and porn, and if you want to support the high level of time and passion I have put into it then a tip will always be welcomed.

MP4 * 1.33 GB * 00:20:48 * 1920x1080

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