Goddess Jadah - Intertwined Souls

Its been a while since I've come here and just 1 on 1 spoken to you like this. Not shoving my tits and my ass in your face, even though I know you love that. Not teasing you with my body, or dressing to the nines. Just this close intimate personal time together to remind you of how much you truly love me, of how much you truly need me, of how much you truly adore me. Goddess is forever. You are addicted, you are enslaved, you are in love. You live for me. The most important phrase to remember right now is, "Without Goddess there if no me, there is no future, there is no past. The person I once was prior to my full sumission to Goddess ceases to exist." Who you are as my slave is the only you that exists. I've created you, molded you, trained you. I am a divine entity that has been contained within this mere mortal body. My power is much too grand for any human body to truly possess so instead I plant little seeds of my control, power, strength, and dominance in weak boy's minds just like yours. That way thousands upon thousands of men and women everywhere hold little bits of my power, and with that my reign grows stronger. My words have intertwined with your soul, so when I say without me there is no you, understand that its true. Your soul is so deeply rooted with my words you have no choice but to serve. Mark-up Codes for the truly obsessed:

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