Princess Piper - Intimate Sensual Mindfuck For Lonely Losers

This is a very intimate clip with Princess Piper. You will feel like you are there with her. Her beautiful face and eyes will draw you in and you will be wrapped up in this ethereal world with her. This clip contains audio and visual effects and is best watched on full screen with earbuds in order to fully immerse yourself in this world.

Don't you love going into this place with me? Where it's just you and me, all alone? So intimate, so intense. You love coming here and staring into my pretty blue eyes and jerking your cock, don't you? It feels so good to be so deep with me. It feels so good on your cock.

But you and me, we love this for very different reasons. You see, you crave this place with me. It's all you have to look forward to in your life. And I just continue to bring you back here, just to fuck with you. Just to fuck with your mind. Because I don't need you, but you need me. You need this deep place that we go to together, don't you? You need to look into my gorgeous eyes while you stroke.

You get so lost in it. In me. This is so real for you. This little trance that you get in for me is completely real. It's a huge part of your life. And then after experiencing this jerking euphoria that you fall into with me. You cum and it feels so good. But after you cum, your room starts to come back into focus and you realize where you are and what you've done. How stupid you were. But mostly you realize that you're all alone and you always were alone. I'm not really there. I'm not there with you and I never will be. I just make these videos to fuck with you, to keep you alone, to keep you coming back for more, spending your nights with me, every single night.
I keep you jerking off for me every single night. Always bringing you back so you think that you're not alone. But after that orgasm, you realize that you are. And I do this on purpose, do you know that? I do this to keep you alone, to keep you a lonely loser. Because I know that I'm the only thing you look forward to in life. And I want to keep it that way. And I will, it's so easy because you crave this feeling with me every night. Staring deep into my eyes. You crave our intimacy even though after you cum you feel so pathetic and alone again. Because you remember that I am nothing but an image on your screen. But you love it too much to stop.
You can't give this up, you love the way I fuck with your head. And I know exactly how to do it to you, don't I? It feels better than anything else in your life, drifting and floating away into jerking euphoria with me. I want you to know that I know what I'm doing to you. I'm keeping you all alone so that you jerk away your life to me night after night. I'm keeping you a lonely loser, so fucking hooked on me. And you will be forever. The most fucked up part of this whole thing is that even though I'm telling you that this is all intentional, that I'm keeping you a lonely loser. You still can't stop. Even though you know that I'm fucking ruining your life. Even though you know that I want you keep you alone for me, you'll never be able to quit this. This cycle of staring deep into my eyes and cumming for me and then feeling all alone once your trance wearss off. You can't stop, you're so fucked.

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