Miss Amelia - You Will Never Be Able To Stop Eating Your Own Cum - Relapse-Fantasy

You will never be able to change what truly turns you on. You crave it way too much. You can't stop yourself from doing it. You can't resist it. But do you really even want to resist? You will never be able to stop eating your cum. You actually like it. You love that feeling you get when you swallow it down your throat. You love eating your own load. I know that right after you eat every single drop of your own cum, you feel embarrassed. The feeling of shame overwhelms you. But you always return to your old habits. And you do it over and over again. Mark my words, little cum eating addict, you will never be able to escape from what really turns you on.

Are you ready to relapse-fantasy? Are you ready to swallow another load down your throat, every single drop of cum? Are you ready to go deeper into your addiction? Of course you are. Because this is what you truly want. So stroke your cock, make yourself hornier and hornier, building up a nice, big load. We both know that you really don't need to be convinced to eat your own cum. This is why you are here, you want to do it. You just need a little guidance. Stroke, just like that. Stroke it, little cum eating addict.

I know how just how eager you are to stroke, stroke and stroke and build up a big fat load for you to gobble down. I know that think about stroking that cock all the fucking time and that's because you know what's coming. That's right. You can't wait to eat your own cum for me, it's so fucking hot. It's so fucking yummy. You can't stop stroking that cock thinking about what you are going to do after you cum. You're such an enthusiastic cum eater, aren't you? There's no point in denying it. Stroke it harder and faster, yea just like that. Work up that load. I want to see you shoot a huge fucking load.

How about a little appetizer for you, my little cum eating addict. Lick that precum. Lick it. Taste it. It will make you even hornier. It's so yummy, isn't it? It's so fucking delicious. And that precum made you so hungry, so fucking hungry for your load. You can't wait to have your mouth filled with your own jizz. You're starving for it. I want you to get into the position, that's right, legs over your head with your cock aimed perfectly at your hungry mouth. Your mouth wide open and your tongue out, ready to catch every single drop of your jizz for me. You're already drooling, look at you, you crave that load so fucking badly.

The thought of eating your own load turns you on so much. You are an addicted little cum eater, aren't you? It's time now, it's time to do what you do best, what you crave the most. Are you in the position yet? Are you ready to relapse-fantasy? Yes, you're ready to relapse-fantasy for me. Stroke it faster in your face. Open wide and stick out your tongue. Stroke, stroke, stroke. Faster you little cum eating addict. You're going to relapse-fantasy hard for me today. Are you ready to catch every last drop of cum? Are you ready to savor it? Ready to relapse-fantasy?

Your cum tastes so much better when you relapse-fantasy for me. Open wide and get ready you cum eating addict. Cum, cum right into that hungry mouth of yours. Catch every single last drop of hot jizz, don't waste any. Squeeze it all into your mouth. Now savor it. Don't swallow yet. Feel it with your tongue. Play with it. It's so fucking delicious. Such a good boy. Doesn't it taste so much better when you relapse-fantasy? Go on and swallow it now. Good boy. You will never be able to stop eating your cum, loser.

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