Goddess Yata - Betas eat cum

You're just a beta bitch boy, you want to be seen as a good boy, as a good object that can entertain Me at any time. That means you're happy to be totally degraded and humiliated, eating your cum for Me is not a new practice, it's just a humiliating one you are happy to do because you are a beta.

Eating your beta disgusting semen is one of the humiliating things you can do for Me, for a woman like Me, to impress Me. Stroke and build up another load of loser cum that you, as a good beta slut, will eat in front of Me.

Betas eat cum, it's a daily routine for a beta slut like you, to eat you loser cum that no one wants, just to be seen as a good beta bitch. I see how you slowly become something more... my cum dumpster, for everyone to leave their cum in you as I order them. You're just doing it alone when you can't fulfill your true call and get absolutely degraded in front of me on your knees as the biggest cum dumpster. Eat it again and again and normalize it, betas eat cum and you're a Beta Bitch.

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