Alyssa Reece - Taste Your Cum for Your Goddess Alyssa

We're going to do something extra special today, there's something that I want you to do for me. Something that would really please me. We've talked about it and now its time to do it. I want you to taste and eat every last drop of your cum for me. So I want you to take your dick out and look at my beautiful body and stare deeply into my eyes and start jerking your cock. I want you to start thinking about how that first drop of cum is going to taste. I know you're going to like it, you're going to swallow it all for me. I want you to savour it, to really taste it. I want you to think about the texture, to hold it in your mouth, to truly take the whole experience in. I know you would do ANYTHING to make your Goddess happy. You want to see my tits and my ass, you want to . That's why you're going to do everything I ask you to do and right now I'm asking you to prove your devotion to me by swallowing your load for me. Take a good look at my ass, doesn't it look so good? You're completely addicted to this ass aren't you? You can never get enough, you always want more. You can watch my videos all day, jerking off. I'm the only one that makes you cum this hard. Keep staring at my ass while you jerk your cock and think about swallowing that big load for me. I love teasing you, making you do things for me. That cum is going to taste so good and you're going to swallow every last little drop. I want you to lay down and flip your body over and just aim right for your face, and stick your tongue out and cum in your mouth.

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