Domina Elara - Lick It For Me

"You are going to cum by the end of this clip, but that's not all, you are going to eat ALL of it for me...

Even if you have never done it before, you will.

First you are going to stroke for me.Watching my perfect body... my lush huge tits... my sweet voice.. convincing you. It's sexy. Did you know I get all my lovers to eat their own cum out of my pussy? It's a requirement. It's sexually enticing for me to know that a man can do exactly as I ask... especially when it is for my arousal.

This will be your sexiest as you stroke and get closer to that edge, while I make you pump more and more for my perfect face, my plush ass and juicy tits...

You are going to cum hard for me... while my ass is in your face. You are going to stroke a little harder like a good boy for me. You are not just going to taste it... but you are going to do it because I want you to... it's ok to be obedient for me. To stroke a little harder for me. To stroke a little deeper for me...

And I'll count you down in an explosive cum countdown and you'll lick it ALL up for me... good boy. "

MP4 * 655 MB * 00:09:47 * 1920x1080

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