Sarah Calanthe - Making My Cuck Eat Another Man’s Cum

I just got back from a date with my bull, and I brought you a snack. A condom filled with his cum! Normally, we never use condoms, because he likes to cum deep inside of my pussy. But you've been such a good cuck that I thought you deserved a little treat. You've been fantasizing about eating another man's cum, after all. Granted, you fantasized about eating it out of my pussy, but I don't think you've earned that quite yet. Don't worry though, the condom might be filled with his seed, but it is also covered in my pussy juices from when he was slamming his dick balls deep inside of me. Gosh, he fucks me so well. I could never get back to fucking you. Don't you love hearing about me fucking other men? Anyway, I'm getting distracted. I want you to swallow every last drop. I hope you're hungry!

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