Chastity Lynn - CEI Training For Reluctant Cum Eating Faggots!

You fucking faggot, I know you love cock. You think about it all the time lol. But the one thing holding you back from sucking cock like you truly want to, is that you're afraid of cum. Well I'm going to get you used to licking cum off of a cock so it's not so gross to you. You're going to cum on a dildo and I'm going to show you exactly how to lick and suck it off, you fucking cum eating faggot! By the time I'm done with you, you won't be afraid of cum anymore, no, you'll be craving it.

So get that dildo out, you little faggot. I want you to jerkoff while you suck it off lol! Then you're going to cum all over it and lick off your own cum like the faggot that you are. This is cum eating training and you need it, faggot. Cum doesn't taste that bad. I'll bet you've seen me swallow lots of loads, haven't you? You've seen me swallow load after load and you want to learn to be a good little cum eating pornstar just like I am lol! You want to be a good cum eating slut, just like Chastity Lynn lol!

The more you eat cum, the more you'll get used to it. So you have to start eating every load that comes out of that cock. That way, when you finally take a real cock down that faggot throat, you'll be a natural lol. We need to get you used to swallowing all of that nasty cum down. And that's what you crave, isn't it? A nice hard dick in your faggot mouth. I love it when you're a good little cocksucking whore, but you can't be afraid of the jizz lol! You need to hungrily slurp it up.

So go ahead, I know this has made you so horny already, I want you to blow your load all over that dildo. Do it so you can taste your cum, every last drop lol. That's it. I want you to lick it all off, faggot. Lick it off, suck it off. Learn to be a good little cum eating faggot. You fucking cock loving faggot, sucking down all of that hot jizz lol! By the time I'm done with you, you're going to be ready to suck off a train of guys, eating load after load after load lol! I know that makes your cock throb. I know what a horny little cock sucking faggot you are. How bad you want all of those cocks down your throat lol!

And I mean this is just one way to get used to cock. You could just go out and suck off like ten guys in a row and you'll get used to it that way too lol! Taking ten nut shots to the face, ten loads of cum down your throat, it won't be so bad after that lol. You just want to be used like the little faggot that you are. You know this is what you deserve. Can you imagine being used as a little cum dumpster? Yes you can, can't you? You fantasize about that all the time. You just want lots of anonymous men cumming down your faggot throat.
I know you want to be a good little cum slut, so lick up your own load. Lick it off that dildo faggot. And then do this again and again, every time you cum, with every load, and soon you'll learn to love it. You'll crave it. So wrap your lips around that dildo and show me what a good little cocksucker you are. That's how I like you, down on your knees with a cock in your mouth, licking up all that jizz lol! I'm training you to be my good little cum dump lol! Suck it all down, every last drop, faggot. Prove to me that you're ready to go out and suck a real cock for me.Read More

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