Leda von Thrill - Hold It In Your Mouth CEI

Keep looking into my eyes as you cum on the floor, making a big, sticky, delicious mess.

I want you to take it in completely, my cum slut. Lower your head and let the smell penetrate your nose deeply. Dip your tongue into it, but don't let it trickle down your throat. Not yet.

I want the taste of that cum to seep into your tastebuds, reminding you of our sessions for the rest of the day. How good it felt to look at my beautiful body. How good it felt to stroke to my gentle voice. How good it felt to cum for me.

You will hold it in your mouth, and keep stroking.

Focus on the taste. Focus on how good it will feel when you're finally able to swallow it. Gliding down your throat, right into your tummy.

And the best part: By that time, another delicious load will be waiting for you in your hand, ready to be eaten.

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