Jerk 4 Princess - Faye - Fill My Cup With a Double Load

In this special roleplay (make sure you have a cup!), College Girl Faye has been set a very difficult task by her Sorority Sisters. She has to fill her cup with cum! So she calls on the biggest wanker in the neighbourhood and asks - in her shy, giggling, girly way - if you would be kind enough to deliver a double load into her outstretched vessel. She doesn't have long so you'll have to work that cock hard and fast. She knows you love to perv on all the fresh college girls in their sexy outfits, and so gives you a little show to help you along. Then, excitedly, she holds out her cup and counts you down. When you unload into her cup she can't believe how much there is! It's covered her hand too, and can't resist having a little taste. But you don't have time to rest. She needs a 2nd load and you can't afford to lose that errection, so Faye pulls down her dress and plays with her tiny titties, encouraging you all the way. She drops to her knees and pleads for that final load while licking cum from the rim of the cup. Another countdown. Another huge load for her cup. She's very grateful, but she wasn't straight with you on the details of the task. She has to make a man fill her cup.... then make him drink it!! She spoons your cum into her mouth and tells you how sweet it tastes before passing it over. So... will you share that 'special' drink with Faye?

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