Prrincess Cherry - Eat It For My Feet Gobble Up Your Dignity

I know you want to be a good boy for Prrincess Cherry so you're going to do exactly as I say. You're going to stroke that cock the way I tell you to. And when I say stop, you're going to stop. You're going to do whatever I tell you to because that's what little beta bitches like you do. You get bossed around by hot brats and there's nothing you can do about it.

So get on your fucking knees and pull that cock out and start pumping it. I know it's your favorite thing to do because you're such a fucking porn addict. Fuck your hand for me, jerk it with me. I want you nice and horny, I want you building up a huge load. You're going to build that load up to my beautiful face and my pretty feet. Go on, jerk it to my pretty face and my pretty feet. Jerk it nice and fast to my soles, my wrinkles, my arches. Jerk to the dirt stuck to the bottoms of my feet.

Jerk to my feet because I fucking said so. Jerk because you're so fucking weak and such a porn dummy that you'll jerk to anything, you'll jerk to the dust bunnies stuck to the bottom of my feet. Now slow it down, jerk just the tip. Squeeze the tip. Spit on it a little. Now moisten just the tip and edge the tip to my perfect, beautiful face. Jerk it to my beautiful green eyes, my sweet smile. Just edge that tip. Now I want you to pulsate your hand on the head, just like I'm showing you.

Now I want you to jerk the whole shaft again to my feet. Jerk it to my dirty soles. Up and down the shaft, slowly... and then faster... and now slow it down. Do this over and over again. I know this is making you so fucking weak. Pulsate your hand on the tip to my bare, pretty soles. You're such a loser. Jerk it faster. Pump it. Get yourself ready because I'm going to make you cum, but that's not it bitch, I'm going to make you fucking eat it. So you need to cum into your hand. Cum into your hand when I say. Keep going, jerk it faster.

Get ready to cum in your hand for me, bitch. Do it, cum into your hand for my feet, squeeze out every last drop to the dust on my feet. Drain every last drop right into your hand. And now for the best part, you're gonna slurp it up like a little cum slut to my pretty face, my hot bratty face. You don't have a choice, gobble up your dignity, bitch. Lick up your nasty load while you stare into my eyes. Lick up every last drop. Good boy. You're my pathetic little cum eating simp.

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