Goddess Natalie - I want you to myself

I thought about it for a while now and I think we need to have \’the talk” during our session today! I know that you’re used to your routine and it’s comfortable being with her, but it’s time to do what’s best for both you and me! It is time to leave your wife and be fully mine – that way you will be able to fully dedicate both your time and your money to me, and you will also be able to be my full-time cucky! Cause you know that this is what I’ve been wanting for a while now, don’t you? To have you as my cucky hubby! I want you to come home to the view of me fucking real men, not just to show you clips and audios and occasionally let you watch live when you sent enough! I deserve more, I need more, and you will give me more! I know you’ll say yes! Consider this like a marriage proposal lol how could you say no? You never even dreamed of a girl like me asking you for that, have you, lil loser?

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