Mistress Alana - Cuck Slave Meditation - To watch DAILY

You’ve decided it’s time to fully step into your potential as a cuck slave. You know it’s your destiny, and yet, there’s still that bit of doubt living in your mind. Social conditioning, I guess. This video is a meditation to watch DAILY. Morning AND Night, so you can fully accept and live your true purpose as a CUCK SLAVE. This custom is a mix of the description below and other ideas discussed in chat. I am a cuckold slave Cuckolds are not men Cuckolds are sub human Cuckolds have no rights Cuckolds do not deserve to cum I will not resist my place as a cuckold My Owners deserve everything they desire My Owners deserve to be worshiped as the deities They truly are I only exist to improve the lives of my Owners It is a privilege to sacrifice for my Owners I will forever be indebted for the honor of being made a cuck slave I am a cuckold slave

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