Goddess Natalie - Truth or dare game for losers

Hi loser, what’s up? Feel like playing a little game after that long, boring day you had at work? Of course you do, but I gotta warn you, this is going to be a pretty humiliating truth or dare game, so you better be prepared. I’m gonna want you to have a vibrator and a toothbrush ready and be wearing clothes as we begin. If you don’t have a vibrator, it’s okay to use your fingers, but I’d certainly prefer the vibrator. Just to be clear, you are my little plaything here, so I will be the one asking the questions and giving the dares, and never the other way around. Is that clear? Good. Whenever you will have a question to answer, you will have to pause the video and answer in a DM to me. For the dares, you can go ahead and do them while you keep on playing the video. Don’t worry, though, I will always know if you didn’t comply! Mwahahahah!

MP4 * 777 MB * 00:20:33 * 1280x720

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