Cruel Girlfriend - OMG Is Your Boyfriend Wearing Panties

Are you wearing panties? OMG are you? Babe – I think your boyfriend is wearing girl’s panties! Literally pink, frilly, girlie PANTIES! Hahaha! How totally fucking humiliating this must be for you right now! I’ve just caught you wearing girl’s panties right in front of your girlfriend. Are you a ‘sissy’? Is that it? She MAKES you to wear them? She makes you wear panties to humiliate you? This is just the best day ever! My best friend makes you wear panties – she’s such a bitch to you. You must feel so embarrassed! Let’s make this sissy strip for us – I want to see this pansy modelling those panties properly for us. Take your clothes off sissy – show us what those panties look like right now. OMG – babe! What have you done to him? He’s wearing a whole matching set under there! He’s wearing a bra and suspenders and stockings too – this is too much! He’s so pathetic! Hahaha! You’ve shaved him all over too – he looks so fucking girly ahaha! You must feel so ashamed of yourself right now. Your girlfriend is literally just standing by as her best friend humiliated the fuck out of you. You’re being revealed right in front of me and there’s nothing you can do about it. Twirl for me sissy – pose in your panties! Show me how much of a pansy you are! I can’t wait to tell all the girls about this! I cant wait to tell EVERYONE. I’m gonna make sure everyone knows what your girlfriend does to you – wait a minute – what’s that under your panties?.. Show me – I want to see what it is. Wiggle yourself out of those frilly pink panties right now sissy! Is your little dick all locked up? It is isn’t it? Your cock is all locked up in a chastity device! Haha – you are so fucking owned right now! You’re a locked-up sissy – my best friend’s boyfriend is a sissy boi – she really knows how to humiliate you and now that I know all about it I can’t wait to start helping her!

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