Bratty Stephanie - Bratty Princess Ignores Tiny Dick Losers

Bratty Stephanie’s voice is soooo bratty, you will be desperately jerking and waiting, just to hear it, even just for a moment. You will be hanging on her every word. 

I have better ways to spend my time than catering to the whims of tiny cock losers like you. But I know how it is for men with tiny cocks, you losers can jerk to almost anything. So since you so desperately want to jerk that pathetic little thing, I’ll let you stroke, but I’m not going to be paying attention to you. If you’re lucky, I might flip you off once in awhile to remind you of your place. But otherwise, I’m ignoring you. 

Are you even hard? I mean I see you tugging but it’s just so small. You’re so pathetic jerking away while I completely ignore you. God I just love giggling at idiots like you, you’re so fucking stupid. 

Are you still jerking? You’re not finished yet? Ugh. Pathetic. Well I don’t care, I’m still not talking to you. Loser! 
Ewww you’re so gross, I really don’t want you staring at me any longer. So fuck off loser! You’re such a gross, creepy perv! 

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