Miss Jade - Virgin Loser

Custom Resell I have never even kissed a girl before and am very shy and intimidated by women. I am sexually frustrated 24/7 and crave female attention. I am a total porn addict and get so turned on and frustrated watching beautiful women get gratified in ways that I can only dream of being able to provide. I am now leaving what were supposed to be my most sexually active years, without having had any sex at all. The thought of potentially never getting to pleasure a woman is starting to turn me on in a weird perverted way. I love looking at pictures of women's bikini butts and feet to enhance the feeling of frustration. Lately, normal porn doesn't do it for me... I crave hardcore humiliation from beautiful women such as yourself. It would be hot to hear you tell me what a pervert porn addict I am, and how I will remain a virgin well into my 40s and beyond. I would love to hear you tell me that I have missed the boat on sex and that my chances of remaining a virgin increases the longer I wait. Please lay the truth on me as honestly and brutally as possible.

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