Mixtrix - Will I Marry You

Findom Gold! get ready for your dick to leak and twitch like never before. A slave wrote to ask me if I would marry him. THIS video said My answer and it is going to make you rock hard for my bratty answer. It describes what marriage to Me would be like including the prenup, cuckolding, findom brattiness, hilarious and moreI made this slave buy the video for a lot and now YOU get to see it for hardly anything. NO NAMES are used in this video.. I just turned on the camera and told him the REAL answer. don't miss this one, peckerbait-this would be the same answer to YOU and once you hear it, you will know it. And get a nonstop boner from it.

MP4 * 54.0 MB * 00:05:08 * 1920x1080

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