Angel Au Lait - Delusional Pussyfree Loser Sph

Are you fucking kidding Me? You really thought your cock was how big now? Dude, you don't have an 'average' sized cock. You have a fucking clit. You need to stop all the bullshit and be honest with yourself, loser. You will never fuck a pussy because your dick is a goddamn embarrassment, just like you! You'll never amount to nothing because, even now, your beta mind is leading you into some stupid ****! You can't help it any longer. You need to recognize that you live in a world that's clouded by your arousal! After you cum, you really are still a sexless fucking loser in real life! It isn't fantasy anymore. You don't have a fetish. You really are a tiny-dicked cunt, and you should be grateful for any sliver of abuse you receive from a pretty woman. It's the only attention you get ... that is, unless you pay for it with Red Life Juice, sweat, and tears. You will realise your place at Angel's feet because no one else will want to waste their time with a beta like you. Your cock is the base of it all. You really deserve this life. You're delusional if you think otherwise. This is the true you.

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