Lucy Skye - My Real Life Forced Bi Story

I have been working with guys interested in bisexual humiliation (sucking cock for me, being a fag, sissification, etc) for quite some time. One of the most common comments I get is "Wow, you seem like you're REALLY into this" - haha, no boys, I'm not some incredible actress... I have personal and intimate experiences with bisexual humiliation and turning men gay. It all started with an ex-lover of mine who had come out to me as bisexual.

Its actually a great story (and a REAL true story) about how my relationship went from a regular vanilla loving relationship to a dom/sub relationship that ended with cuckolding and lots and lots of glory holes I also chat about how I got started in the industry (you might learn some things about me!)

Enjoy and I hope this helps a lot of you understand why I enjoy this fetish so so much!

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