Natashas bedroom - Totally Fucked Up Humiliation Tasks

Are you a big enough freak to follow through with the most fucked up humiliation tasks I've ever given? Do you have what it takes to degrade yourself so thoroughly that not a shred of dignity remains inside your mind or body? These humiliation tasks are utterly twisted.

If your cock is throbbing and dripping with loser excitement when you read my words above, then this humiliation session is exactly what you deserve.

You're probably wondering, just how bad could it be? Just how low can I take you? Well, I'm going to take you on the most fucked up ride you've ever been on. For the next 33 minutes, you will surrender to the most depraved machinations of my filthy mind. A half hour of hell for bitch boy. I will make you mine. And then I will fuck you up, over and over, in ways so perverted you haven't even imagined them yet.

MP4 * 954 MB * 00:33:14 * 1920x1080

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