Kaidence King - The boob interview

This was originally a custom video and the name Tom is used once, right at the beginning. It is not used again. “Hi! I know how much you love my big boobs. Well today is going to be all about my big boobs. In fact, let’s do a boob interview, you can ask me anything about my boobs and I will answer.” I start taking you on a tour of my boobs, showing you underview and side view, doing close-ups of my nipples, bouncing and shaking my tits, squeezing them etc. I describe my tits, then tell you to ask whatever you want. I answer questions about my breast size, advantages/disadvantages of big boobs, my sexual preferences with my boobs (e.g. having a man play with them, lick them, suck them etc. during sex), if people stare at them etc. I tell you everything you want to know about my tits, while showing them off from every single angle.

MP4 * 689 MB * 00:10:31 * 1920x1080

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