Danni Maye - Nylon Addiction Therapy

Congratulations and welcome. I’m glad to see that you have finally decided to take control of your life and address your concerning addiction to purchasing of nylon clothing After years of splurging all your money on nylon video clips, buying clip after clip and chronically masturbating your life away you’ve decided to come and see me. Having a home full of worn nylons and a head full of lies it is time you put your family’s needs first and not your horny wants. My name is Dr Danielle and I am a NLP Therapist-Fantasy. I’m going to perform hypnotherapy to help battle your addiction and help you start a new lease of life. You’re in the right hands here. NOT!

I decide to take advantage of your weakened state and in fact Mermerize you into total nylon addiction. It will be even deeper, life altering and selfish than before. You won’t be able to get hard for anything else but my nylon feet and legs. Steering you into complete and total ruin. I will lead you to a new level of nylon addiction. There is no way out, you’re mine and when I click my fingers you will be under my spell and ready to spend your life worshiping my nylons.

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