Goddess Jamie Daniel - Quarantine Games

Its just you and Jamie, she is sitting in her studio talking to you.  You guys are both bored.  The quarantine has lasted so long and there is nothing more to talk about or watch on TV.  Jamie knows all about your foot fetish and at times has indulged you a bit, but that has been a while.  She wants to play a game, you'll do anything, its just been so boring lately being stuck inside.  The game is called Red light Green light.  Jamie places her bare soles on the table and now you are starting to get a chubby.  When Jamie says "Green Light" and wiggles her toes you have to stroke your cock, and when she says Red Light you have to stop.  The faster she wiggles her toes the faster you have to stroke. Hope you have fun playing her little game.

MP4 * 520 MB * 00:10:41 * 1920x1080

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