Blazedbratx - Halloween Joi Cum Countdown

I just got back from an entire night of celebrating HALLOWEEN! I was standing the ENTIRE NIGHT and my legs and feet are SO TIRED! I could really use a nice long foot massage! I laugh while looking down at you and comment, "Do I have to do EVERYTHING myself?" while removing my sweaty shoes! You can see how sweaty my mismatched socks are as I spread my toes wide and commands you to move closer and WORSHIP THEM! You massage my socked feet while KISSING UP AND DOWN MY SOCKED SOLES, all while I DEMAND you keep sniffing NICE AND DEEP!

After a few minutes, I decide to remove my socks! I pull the damp sweaty socks off one at a time! The first sock I throw at your face, the second I SHOVE INTO YOUR MOUTH! You continue to massage my SWEATY BARE FEET while kissing, worshipping, and sniffing! I am in SUCH A GOOD MOOD that I decide to give you a little treat! Tonight AND ONLY TONIGHT, you can jerk off while worshipping my SWEATY STINKY FEET!

I lay down with my feet behind me, teasing you as I kick my leg back and forth, wiggling my sweaty little toes! When you can barely take any more, I sit with my feet RIGHT IN YOUR FACE and count you down from 10! You better cum by 1, or else this reward could become a PUNISHMENT!

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