Cali Logan - Shrink. Swim. Swallow

Cali is wearing normal clothes. She has asked you o come over to her house. She makes sure nobody knows youre is at her house... Cali shows you her shrink ray. She explains it can shrink anything or anyone to a really small size. Cali then uses the shrink ray on you, making you shrink. The next scene shows Cali placing a small glass with water on a table in front of her. You are now so small you are nearly not even visible. But Cali knows you are in the small glass of water. Cali explains that the shrink ray did not shrink your clothes, so youre now completely nude, witch Cali liked. Cali is teasing the shrunken you in the glass, watching you swim around in the liquid unable to cover your nudity. Cali tells you to watch her as she seductively strips in front of the small glass until she is only wearing underwear. Afterwards she tells you she is going to swallow you whole and feel you being digested by her stomach and absorbed into her body. She reveals the liquid is a anti acid solution which will allow you to survive for longer inside her belly. She reveals she has always dreamt about feeling someone being digested inside of her belly and now she finally has the opportunity. Cali teases you inside the glass by explaining what is going to happen and hold the glass close to her belly. She tells you she really wants you to become a part of her body. She taunts and laughs at you as you are begging her not to swallow him. Finally she swallows the liquid with a single big gulp. Cali makes a satisfied sigh after she swallows and traces the path from her neck to her stomach. She describes how youre fighting for your life inside of her as she is able to feel you. She starts to seductively sway her hips from side to side, like an erotic dance as she enjoys feeling the boy slowly being digested inside while she caress her belly. Finally, Cali feels the boy is completely digested and she feels his body being absorbed by her body and distributed throughout her body.

MP4 * 1.18 GB * 00:15:49 * 1920x1080

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