Rebecca de Winter - Just a Favour 4K CUCKOLD

You are my boyfriend and we live together. You are watching me get ready to go on a date with my ex-boyfriend. I talk about how handsome he is, and sexy too (with a huge cock). He’s also very funny and nice, and super-rich. I am sure that he will take me to amazing, expensive places that you could never afford.

I am dressed in a very short, sexy dress with high heels. My ex likes it when I dress like that, so hope that this will make him happy; I also show you that I am not wearing panties.

He is soooo good in bed, I will be fantasizing about my ex-boyfriend all throughout dinner, and when I am riding in his sports car. I will flirt with him to make sure that he has the best time ever.

You should be happy, I am going out with my ex-boyfriend; things have been difficult since you lost your job and you should be glad that I will be out having such a nice time. Also, I plan to ask your ex if he will hire you since he is such a big businessman. He doesn’t like you and thinks that you are a loser, so the job will probably not pay very much... you will be running his errands, washing his cars and things like that. I will flirt with him all night and do whatever it takes to make sure that he hires you; if he does, he will get to see me all the time!

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