Akara Fang - Graduation Day

One of my long term meaningless subs is approaching his two year anniversary as my obedient slave. Now, it is time for his performance appraisal. I outline in visual detail every step in his progression from a completely naive and confused retard to the good slave that I have made of him. He has come from being totally clueless to a subservient little bitch that I have complete control over. I own him!!!I review in graphic detail every aspect of me that he has learned to worship: my beautiful face, my perfect tits, my fabulous ass and even my long slender feet. But now, it is time to move on to the next phase of his degradation. Now he will learn to worship my absolutely perfect cute pussy. I bring him in extremely close and slowly pull down my panties to reveal his new area of "study". What a lucky graduation gift for such a LOSER.

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