Natasha's Bedroom - Chastity Is For Sissies

Tell me something, my little sissy: are you a girl or a boy? You’re a girl. There’s no question about that. But then why do you have that little dick hanging between your legs? It’s just a useless appendage. That dick has done nothing but get in the way, and it’s time to finally disable it.

Chastity is for sissies. Cock cages were made for good girls like you, to take away the temptation of playing with your unnecessary dickie. For sissy girls like you, chastity isn’t a deprivation of pleasure. It’s not a punishment. It’s a realization of self.

Put on a pair of panties. You’re a girl, so it’s time to start dressing like one. Use your panties to hide away your locked up penis, and forget that it ever existed.

From now on, you’ll be allowed as many orgasms as you want. In fact, I’ll encourage you to cum every chance you get. Of course, you’ll only be allowed to cum in manner fitting for a slutty sissy girl: from playing with that tight pussy.

Put your fingers in that hot little asshole. It’s your sissy pussy, and you should be proud of it. Fuck that tight hole. Imagine serving cocks with your sissy pussy, and then insert another finger. Fuck, fuck, fuck that hole until you explode with a big prostate orgasm. Doesn’t it feel so right. Doesn’t coming with your sweet pussy feel just perfect? Such a good girl.

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