Mia Middleton - Involuntary Feminization

Aw poor sissy doesn’t want to be a girl haha! Well that’s too fucking bad sissy. You’re going to be my pretty feminized doll and that’s the end of it. I’ve got rid of all of your boy clothes and have bought you a whole wardrobe full of frilly girlie things for you to wear from now on. All of your shoes have been replaced with high heel pumps and I’ve filled your drawers with all the makeup a girl could ever want. It doesn’t actually matter to me that you don’t WANT to be a girl – in fact I prefer to FORCE-feminize weaklings like you anyway. It’s much more fun to strip a wimp of his masculinity while he begs me not to turn him into a girl. The thing is, it’s not just cute new clothes, sexy shoes and pretty makeup you’ll be getting sissy. At the end of the week you have an appointment at the feminization theatre who will be performing some extreme surgeries on you to make sure you’re a girl FOREVER. You’ll get big plastic tits and lips, a tiny waist and a more girlish profile to your face. You’re going to be turned into a girl – I guess if that’s going to be against your will then that’s just the way it’s got to be. No amount of struggling, begging or crying your sissy heart out is going to get you out of this – you’re worth much more to us as a girl than you are as a boy. As soon as your surgery has healed you’ll be put through intense feminization training and then put to work as the newest fuckdoll on the streets. You’re going to be involuntarily feminized and then involuntarily whored out to men for my financial gain bitch.

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