Exquisite Goddess - Girl Up Sissy! Time To Dress Up

Grab your bottle and alcohol, your: bra, panties, garter, stokings,dress,heels and makeup and lets begin. Shot after shot will relax you and you will put each item on in the order i command. Meanwhile you will take selfies and when ur Silly enough you will send them all to me with your :name,adress,employer information and relatives info. At the end of this email you will give your consent that I can use this material whichever I see fit if I need to give you a correction or humiliate you publicly. 

After you dressed up and got Silly you will grab that dildo( we both know you have one) and you will start practicing your dick sucking skills. Yeah! I plan to you out and you need to know how to suck dick properly.

I will bring the pathetic out of you and you will embrace your true sissy nature.

MP4 * 668 MB * 00:20:28 * 1920x1080

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