Goddess Rose Thorne - Gloryhole Instructions For Wannabe Sissy

Do you want to be my sissy? you’re going to have to prove it first! You see it's so easy to think about sucking cock when you're all dressed up but I want you to want it all the time for me. Before you get to wear those clothes and that make up, you’re gonna have to go to the gloryhole and suck some dicks. I want you gagging and slobbering all over cock, and not just one, I have a minimum requirement. I expect you to follow the instructions, prove to me how bad you want it. This is more than just a fantasy, it’s a lifestyle. And then you can call me and tell me all about how much you love it, because I know you will. If you do that maybe then you'll be lucky enough to be a real sissy for me.

MP4 * 1.19 GB * 00:08:35 * 1920x1080

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