Jaye Rose - You're in Chastity - Wifey's in Trouble

Your poor wife must have really suffered since I locked you up in chastity. The poor girl has her needs and just because you've been banned from having any sexual relief it's not fair that wifey has to go without too. Don't you agree? Well there's no way I'm going to unlock you - it's way too much fun keeping married losers caged away from their own wives so I've had to think up a new solution. Your pretty wife may well have been suffering with frustration while you've been all locked up but that's nothing compared to the suffering she's going through right now!

We've taken your horny little wife to a filthy basement and she's going through the hardest abuse she could ever imagine. She's naked and tied to a fuck-bench with her mouth gagged wide open. She's being trained to be our new whore and we're giving her the most degrading of inductions. I've let an endless queue of strangers loose on her and she's been taking cock in every hole for hours now. She's been fucked over and over by so many guys - she's covered in cum and spit and her own drool. It's so funny to think that you're not getting any sex at all but your poor wife is getting more than she could ever have imagined possible. We're going to make so much money from your little princess - and after she's finished her brutal training you're going to be made to drop her off to the basement every week so she can keep earning more cash for us. She's not your little princess any more - she's our whore.

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