Elis Euryale - Gagging On Your Balls

You are paralyzed. Unable to move, unable to keep your mouth shut as Nurse Elis Euryale manages to open it, seeing in this gaping hole a perfect human ashtray. That's her last cigarette before your castration. She is talkative about the details of the surgical procedure, you are not - your mouth is full of ashes, and soon you will gag on your balls.

That's the procedure she wants you to anticipate: after a middle incision in the sack of your so-called manhood, after she cuts the spermatic cords, her "signature" lies in shoving your two balls in your useless mouth. And to make sure you keep them inside for as long as she wants, she will stitch your lips shut until you gag on your balls. Want to know more? Let's start now.

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